Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What a beautiful day

It has felt like a Summers day today.

I walked to the post box this afternoon, and I couldn't believe how hard the ground has become over the last couple of weeks.  The last time I walked across the fields I needed wellies, and today I could have managed in flip flops!  

Having been in the office for most of the day, I hadn't appreciated how lovely and warm it was, nor realised how much the scenery has changed recently.  Unfortunately, therefore I didn't have my proper camera with me,  but I couldn't resist taking some photos with my phone.  Sadly the shots of the bluebells and the trees coming in to leaf were useless!  I shall remember to take the big camera with me next time.

I had hoped to do some crochet in the garden, in the sunshine today - but it wasn't to be.  I am just about to start the Stylecraft CAL.  Is anyone else joining in?  I've mixed the colours around a bit so that I could use the newly released colours.  In all honesty I really should't be starting something new - but I could't resist.  The poncho and 2 blankets WIP will just have to wait!  So many ideas, and so few hours to play!



  1. I thought that I had a lot of WIP's!! I hope you enjoy the new CAL. Lovely to go on your walk with you and see the blossoms and flowers! xx

  2. What a gorgeous walk to the post box. The weather's been glorious hasn't it, I'm having to water things it's been so dry. No complaints though. Enjoy the rest of the week, I shall look forward to seeing your new crochet-along project. CJ xx