Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February Round Up

I know it's a bit late - but better late than never.  I almost failed to do a monthly photo collage before I'd really started!  Oh well, my excuse is that it has been busy round here.

Not much time for crafting this month - I shall need to sort that out in March (although I've not done too well so far!)

The sunsets have been beautiful, and there really is so much more daylight as we have gone through the month.

There has been time for lunches and suppers with friends, a visit from my sister, craft club, going to a concert, recording at Abbey Road with Rock Choir (I will do a proper post about that - I promise).  Matt has played rugby and been Go Karting.  I've been back to hospital with my annoying foot, and the garden is beginning to burst in to life.

All in all, a pretty good month, and I am looking forward to March and the arrival of Spring.  I really must take some more photos of my garden.


I have to say that by doing this collage it has made me realise how busy and how many fun things I'd managed to fit in to this month.  Maybe it's not surprising I haven't managed much crafting time!  


  1. Something I have gained from blogging (apart from meeting wonderful bloggers) are the reminders of what I've been up to. You can quite 'happily' look back and wonder what you did, then be amazed at how busy/creative/social/sad/happy you have been. I love it for it's added 'memory- storage' for myalready over stuffed brain! How's the foot doing? x

  2. A really lovely collage, I'm glad you had lots of good things last month. I need to get out into the garden as well, lots to do, lots to do. I need to find a new crafting project or two as well, I'm nearing the end of a quilt. Choosing something new to do is always a treat. CJ xx

  3. A lovely collage of your month!! I am glad that you found that there had been lots of good things!! xx

  4. What a fun idea to recap your month. I think I might try this for March. It's fun to look back and see how busy we've been and how much fun we've had. Sometimes I get so busy that all the days just run into each other.

  5. Hi Sara, A lovely collage. I walked into our local supermarket this week and there on the bookshelf was the story so far of Collabro. It immediately made me think of you. They are doing so well aren't they.

  6. It looks like you had a very full month. I really enjoyed seeing it all put together in your collage. Here's to a wonderful March!

  7. Wow, you really have been busy with lots of lovely things. Hope the foot is OK.