Sunday, 11 January 2015

Waiting for Spring

As I sit at my desk, on a Sunday afternoon, watching the sun go down, I feel quite relaxed.  For the first time in a bout 10 years, there has been no sport this weekend.  Not through injury, but Matt has decided not to play hockey this term at school (the main Lent term sport) and he hasn't re-started club rugby - yet!  He has gone to watch a game, and I wonder if he will return home having decided he wants to join, or if he will be happy to just watch?

So I have had a gentle weekend.  Yesterday I went to a crochet group.  What can be better than spending a few hours, with other like minded people, crocheting, drinking tea and eating cake?  It felt quite naughty!  :)

I then did a little shopping, and popped in to see my mum.  No rush, just doing stuff - slowly, enjoying the moment.

And today, I have cooked, and caught up with the ironing.  I'm not a great fan of ironing more of a "shake it, and hang it up and hope no one notices any creases" sort of girl.  Then I popped my coat on - it's a bright, cold and blustery day here, and I have spent a couple of hours in the garden.  Just tidying a few bits, sweeping the paths, and running the hoe over the flower beds to try and break up the soil and compost, before the next lot of rain!  Patience isn't one of my virtues, and I think I'm ready for Spring!  I've had enough of Winter now!  I know it's not been too cold, but I liked the feeling of the sun today.

Anyway, I'm back indoors now, and thought I'd share some photos of the garden.  Selective shots you understand, but there are definite signs that Spring isn't too far away.  My garden is starting to wake up.

The hellebores are starting to flower

Primula and primroses

New buds on the rose bushes

This sweet campanula hasn't really stopped flowering and makes me smile every time I walk by it by the front door.

The daffodils are growing daily.

Snowdrops - it won't be long before they flower.

More hellebores.

Sedums starting to grow.

Grasses in the wind.

There's still a few rosehips

Did I ever show you the wood store Matt made for me?
It was part of his GCSE DT project.  Several people asked to buy it when it was displayed at school, but I wanted it for me!

And now, I'm off to crochet.  Goodness, weekends feel quite relaxing, with time to do what I want when there's no sport!

Wishing everyone a happy week, and I hope the rain and wind isn't as bad as the last forecast I saw!



  1. Does sound like an excellent weekend :)

  2. An amazing weekend. Such a splendid garden with the stirrings of spring.

  3. Yes your garden is starting to wake, might pop out to mine tomorrow and have a little wander, hope I'm as lucky! :) xxx

  4. Hi Sara, I certainly a "shake it and hope know one notices the creases" sort of person :0)
    Love your close up flower shots....Spring is coming...Our part of the planet is leaning just a bit closer to the sun every day.
    Glad you had a relaxing weekend.
    Jacquie x

  5. The wood store is lovely, clever boy. I live in hope that mine will make such things one day. I'm glad you had such a good weekend. I don't iron either, I'm a big shaker out of clothes. Everything is looking lovely in your garden. I noticed my sedum at the allotment has little sprouts on it as well. Wishing you a good week Sara. CJ xx

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So many great things coming up and getting going in your garden already!! xx

  7. Isn't it lovely when you can just have a relaxing weekend. My garden is very much still a sleep at the moment although I can see snowdrops and daffodillies starting to show themselves in prep for Springtime.

  8. And I bet you felt a little at a loss with no sport when it has been such an integral part of your weekend life. Sounds like a lovely, gentle weekend. So much growth in your garden too!
    Caz xx

  9. How lovely to have a relaxing weekend. I love craft groups - nothing better than chatting, crocheting and drinking tea. So nice to see a few signs of spring in the garden too x

  10. Gorgeous pictures of your garden, so lovely to see signs of Spring on its way. I walked around our garden this morning for the first time in ages and was excited to see the Camellia starting to bloom. xx

  11. Your flowers are a lot further on than the ones in my garden - mine are just buds. It's nice to see a preview of what's in store! xx

    1. I find it easy to forget and miss what's going on at this time of year as I rush to be indoors in the warm, but it was really good to remind myself that Spring isn't far away. x