Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I was hoping the rain would stop (I know, ever the optimist!) and then I could go outside and take some photos, and share what is happening in the garden.

There are some snowdrops, even a crocus or two, out in flower.  The hellebores are flowering too, and I expect if I search harder there is more happening as Spring approaches.  

However, it hasn't stopped raining, for what feels like days!  And even if I could spend more then 30 seconds outside, the photos would be rubbish.

To brighten things up indoors, I bought myself two bunches of tulips at the weekend.  

Actually - they weren't the most successful purchase as they look like this!

I found a bunch of daffodils in M&S this afternoon - so the tulips have been replaced.

Off to do some more crochet now - I'll post a profess update soon.



  1. How sad that your tulips drooped, I hope that the daffs do better, I am sure they will. Your first photo is amazing though, looking straight into the flower, it looks like some sort of mystical creature almost - or is that my overactive imagination!! I hope that things are looking up a little for you and that you are feeling a bit happier. xx

    1. Hi Amy
      I thought the first photo could be something reaching out of the flower. :)
      One of my favourite pastimes on holiday is watching clouds and seeing what pictures I see. x

  2. I love tulips. They're my favorite flower. I just got rid of a bunch that looked just like yours. They lasted almost two weeks! I couldn't believe it. But when they went, they went fast!

  3. I've heard you can put alcohol in the water to keep them stiffer. I don't know if it works though. Loads of rain here too, I'm waiting, waiting for a dry spell to do some outside jobs. Hope all is well with you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you crochet next.