Friday, 6 September 2013


Maybe it was the last day of summer?

Almost, (but not quite!), too hot....

Sharing the school run with you

 Empty playing fields before school starts

 Leaves starting to change
 I wonder who lives here?
 Loving the simplicity of the grass heads in the early morning light
 Back home and greated by Smudge

 Conspicuous by her absence this morning.  Safely curled up in the dry!
 Early morning cooling bath for the blackbird
 A few bits of colour - often the second flush of colour

 A rose outside my kitchen window

 A single pink

 Ripening apples.

Today it has rained - almost non stop.  Oh well - at least the ground will be a bit softer for rugby tomorrow.

Have great weekend.



  1. Love that thought about the rugby ... fewer injuries versus muddier clothes ... I remember it well.

    Lovely garden photos Sara :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Back to mud today! So the kit is in soak now. And the first roast of the season for supper - it must be Autumn! x

  2. So nice to see the gradual change of seasons in your garden, which is still looking very nice, by the way. It's turned quite cold here this weekend - I found myself reaching for my woolens. I hope the rugby wasn't too muddy! x

  3. So much wetter and colder her this afternoon. I even cooked a roast! It must be Autumn.
    Rugby kit is in soak - but it will get muddier.
    I am very selective about the garden photos - you have to search quite hard now for the colour.
    See you at Yarndale?!