Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sunrise to Sunset

It has been a really beautiful day here - cold but lovely.  The sun has shone, and the frost didn't totally melt, all day long, so there were large parts of my garden glistening all day long.  I love that - it's like having Christmas decorations outside too.
The day started like this
 How can you beat a walk to school like this?
 My new "friends" in a field we walk through on the way to school.
Then a bit of work followed (although I did get a bit side-tracked and read a few blogs!)
I blame Lucy @ Attic24 - I got caught up in the excitement of her current project!
And then a sunset - which was beautiful too.

A cuppa and a home-made banana and nutella muffin with a friend, sitting by our Christmas tree, having a good chat.
Off to school to hear the children perform in their winter concert.  They were amazing.  My son played double bass in the Jazz group and orchestra.  A proud mummy moment.
And then home, and I made a card for a friends birthday.
And now I think it's time to go to bed and hook up a couple of snow flakes.
A busy, fun day.

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