Monday, 19 November 2012


Well, it would have to be said that it hasn't been the best few days ever.

I got a flat tyre on Tuesday, and my husband had to come and "rescue" me.  Thankfully the wheel was ok, but it was still an expense we could have done without.

Far worse was Friday when my husband was involved in a car accident.  He is ok.  Shaken but ok.  The same can't be said of our car.  It has been written off.  No doubt we won't get back what we need to replace the car which will be disappointing, particularly as we hadn't had the car for long, and it wasn't his fault!

So, we were expecting to spend some time this week trying to sort it out, but it could have been worse.

And then, Sunday morning, my husband found a leak.  Well, it would have been difficult to miss!   The water was dripping through the dining room ceiling.  Actually it is still dripping through the ceiling.  The emergency plumber couldn't find where the water is coming from, although he has cut a hole in the ceiling.  It might mean that the whole ceiling is going to have to come down and be replaced.  You would think that if you have insurance that it would be covered, but life is never that simple is it!

I know this is only "stuff" and the people in our house are fine, but it hasn't stopped me wanting to  say "ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" very loudly!

On the plus side, I have made the Christmas cake, and the Christmas puddings are currently steaming away.  The house smells lovely.

I also spent an hour or so tidying and cutting back in the garden, in preparation for the winter.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, and thought I'd share the photos.  Something to smile about on an otherwise pretty horrid day!

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