Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The end of school holidays.

Just one more day before my son returns to school and routine takes over our lives again. Matt has been away at a rugby camp. We picked him up this evening. Tired but having had a great time. The washing machine has been busy ever since!  I expect the tumble dryer will be busy tomorrow having just seen the weather forecast.

As its been quiet and tidy here over the last few days, I've taken the opportunity to try and finish my hexagon blanket and I've made a few cards. I've not taken photos of them yet but will do tomorrow. I think I've worked out how to update things via my phone which will be much easier. Now I'd better get back to stitching those hexagons together. One more row and then to work out how to edge the blanket?  

Still trying to sort out blogging and my phone. So have added this photo I took last week at the beach. 

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