Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tulips & Sunset

Today has been a good day.

The sun has shone.

I've watched Matt play cricket, and took some crochet with me.  I'm working on my Quite Contrary Wrap which is lovely.

The pitch was in a beautiful location.  Can you see the South Downs in the distance?

When we got home, I took my camera outside to take some photos of the garden.  It has changed so much in the last few days as there has been sun and warmth.

 The Ginny Gee azalea (I think that what it was called) is in full bloom
 Hostas - before the slugs find them!
 Tulips looking for the sun
 More tukips!
 Plum tree blossom
 The apple blossom is almost here

 Lots more tulips
 This one reminds me of a rose
 Aren't they beautiful?

 I was trying to capture a bee - but missed him, but I like the spots and stripes of the different leaves.

 The bee!!!
 There are still some daffodils
 Epimedium - I think?
 Cherry blossom
 Crab apple blossom
 And a beautiful sunset at the end of the day
Oh and exciting news - a friend and I booked Yarndale tickets.  I can't describe how excited we are.  A girly weekend - we live on the South coast so it is quite a way to go, a nice hotel, and yarn, and maybe a glass or two of wine!  What more could a girl ask for?!

Yes - indeed today has been a good day.



  1. Wow, what a sunset! And there is so much colour in your garden. I'm amazed how much our little space has grown and changed just in a week. Once the weather warms up everything springs to life. Here's hoping we have lots more beautiful weather. x

    1. The garden changes every day at the moment - I love it.

  2. Beautiful tulips, it's lovely now the sun is out isn't it! Amazing sunset! :) x

    1. Agreed - another beautiful day here. I am refusing to look at the forecast for the next few days!
      I love that the garden is changing every day, and more colour is appearing. x

  3. Then the wind and rain arrived. Oh well - that's gardening for you!