Thursday, 30 May 2013

Another finished project!

Well the wedding is on Saturday. The wrap was completed on Sunday. And I finished the bag tonight! Loads of time to spare!!

I am very pleased with myself. Can you see the lining I sewed in?  I can crochet, knit, scrapbook and paper craft but sewing has always been far too scary!
I use a sewing machine to add interest on cards - rarely for material. But I'm glad I did this. 

And here it is finished

Well almost!  A couple of crochet flowers finish it off. 
The weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, which is great news for the wedding. 
I'll try and remember to get a photo the wrap and bag in use. 
Off to make another bunting triangle now. 
Sara x


  1. It's gorgeous! That hot pink is nice and bright. It will look great with some flowers added. x

    1. Thank you! Getting on with more bunting now. :)