Thursday, 3 October 2013

Yarndale - Number 2

To say we were a little excited would be an understatement.  I know 40 something women really shouldn't squeal like that - but we did.  And we had fun!

We squealed when we saw Heather from Patchwork Heart.  Sorry!  
I squealed very loudly when I spotted some of my flowers on the bus! :)

 The bus was pretty empty as we were going in the opposite direct to most people.
This turned out to have been a very good plan.
 The we walked to the studio.
 It felt slightly surreal seeing somewhere that you have seen in photos.  Thinking you know it, and the people involved, but really have no idea.  However, Lucy and Tracy's studio is just as you would imagine.  Wonderful light and colours.  I think I might have squealed here too!
 Another blog I love is Bunny Mummy. Jacquie was in the studio.  I spotted her lovely daffodil brooch.  She joined us for a cake and drink at Coopers.  Jacquie took a photo - I'm afraid that even with a cooked breakfast a couple of hours earlier, I was too keen to eat my flapjack to take a photo. :-)

We then took the Yarn Walk to Yarndale.  We were a bit like overly excited school girls, but it was lovely to feel we had been involved in a small way by making bunting.  Reading Lucy's blog, gave an insight to all the hard work before the event too.

 Despite some yarn bombing being "re-homed", it was great to see the ducks.  Can you see the 3 of us taking a photo?  Many more people were stopping and pointing out the ducks and taking photos.  Even non-Yarndale folk.

 What a lovely park to walk through.  This tree in particular was stunning.
 Lucy's work maybe?  We straightened a few "woolly leg warmers" along the way.
 Almost there.
 I wish I were this creative.  This bunting was spectacular!  I loved how it looked on the stone wall.
 We've arrived.  Goodness it was busy!  I tried but failed to spot any of my bunting.
 Rather than just buying yarn, maybe I could have my own alpaca?  Or maybe not.
We shopped and stroked yarn, and chatted along the way.  A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.

 Time for a cuppa in the sunshine - sitting outside on the grass - at the end of September!!
 As we left to go back to the hotel (and a jacuzzi!), after a wonderful day, we couldn't help spending a few minutes admiring the sheep
 and views
 On Sunday we decided we hadn't quite had enough of Yarndale - so we went back!  It was much quieter, so we were able to take a little more time looking at bunting - and I spotted one of mine!  It made me feel good to know it was in the entrance as part of such a stunning display.
 Lucy's cosy corner was a bit quieter too (thank goodness for Lucy.  I don't know how she coped on Saturday!)  An amazing lady, and so kind and patient to speak with all of us.

 we spent an hour or so crocheting here with other crafty people.
 As I say, Lucy was so kind to let us have a photo with her.
 Are you still with me?
We still weren't quite ready to start the long journey home, so we walked back along the Yarn Walk into Skipton High Street.

 Luck was on our side - we saw the puppet parade through the town!
 Time for some lunch, and then we had to make our way back to the car.
 Back along the canal
Such a warm and friendly town.  Everyone was so nice to us, taking time to chat along the way.  So different to here!  I love Sussex, but I have to say Skipton is a pretty special town.

Sadly it was time to go home, and the least we say about the journey home the better.
Lots of traffic - but that meant we had time to chat and reflect on a great mini holiday. 

Off to go and sew the ends in on the ripple now.  Almost there!
I might even post again soon - but won't promise!



  1. I would have squealed to see something I had made too! How nice to meet some of your favorite bloggers, that would be so much fun.

  2. I was there on the Sunday too - my friends went on Saturday and we almost overwhelmed by the numbers, I on the other hand enjoyed my visit and even had room to browse! I agree about the delightful Lucy - she was very generous with her time and her advice.

  3. What a fabulous weekend, and how lovely that you have a like minded friend to share it with. None of my friends are crafty, it's my fifteen year old daughter who I share my love of crafts with. That's what I love about blogging, there's so many people with similar interests to connect with.

  4. Thank you for your lovely posts about yarndale! I really enjoyed reading it and watching your pictures.