Thursday, 10 October 2013

A different school run


I've been visiting my sister this week, which has been fun.  She lives a few hours drive away, so although we chat often, we don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like.  So this was a bit of a treat for me.  

I thought I'd share the walk back from school with my nephew.

Out of school, and past the church.
Families haven't tended to move away, so not only is the churchyard carefully maintained, but the family names on the graves are still in the village today.

 A rather lovely house next to the church - the Virginia creeper was stunning - my photo doesn't do it justice!
 A "need' to stop at the part to collect conkers

 Looks like rain is on the way ....

 But there was still blue sky in the direction we walked

We made it home in the dry :)

 My sister and I managed a day of shopping, coffee and chatting yesterday, and then today it was time for me to come home.  Another motorway journey - which didn't quite go to plan.
Still - that meant a couple of hours at a service station - thank goodness my crochet was handy!

Off to catch up with the washing now.

Bye x


  1. What a pretty walk home from school - our is along a main road so I'm quite jealous! x

  2. Dramatic rainy sky! How's the crochet getting on?

  3. I wish I could walk to and from my kids' schools but they're too far away. The clouds look threatening but I really like that kind of sky sometimes.

  4. Where would we be without our sisters! I'm off for the day with mine tomorrow to offer a bit of support and if we're lucky a bit of shopping too! :) x

  5. How lovely to spend time with your sister. I rarely see mine ... we're very different people, but it would be nice to hang out with her more.