Monday, 24 June 2013

Holiday Planning

Not long until we go away now - to find the sun!  :)

So, this weekend it was time to update a few bits of clothing (I don't get quite so excited about a new bikini these days - no matter what the bikini is like, it's the body that's the problem!  But I love the feel of the sun on my skin, so I refuse to totally cover up!).  

But most of the preparation so far, is what yarn to take, and how much can I get in my case!

First job was to finish the cushion which has been hanging around for ages.  I couldn't work out how to finish it.  The butterflies are good - but I wish I'd made it more colourful.  The idea of just picking a couple of colours from the ripple blanket, was to make it match, but not blend in.  The idea is better than the reality - but you live and learn.

My entrance hall is bright and cheerful now.

Then on to holiday planning - big time:

Cards prepared and written to be sent to those whilst we are away:

I've decided to leave Matts ripple behind

And time for some new projects!

Christmas Gifts - thanks to The Patchwork Heart

New yarn ordered - whoops!

And, if I can squeeze all that style craft in my case - time for a new throw.

Using a pattern by Lucy at Attic 24 - The Summer Garden Granny

So much to do - and all exciting happy stuff.

(I won't mention that I get stressed trying to get everything organised before holidays!)

Sara x


  1. Dear Sara
    Ha ha ha! Love it. Your comment over at my place. Gave a big hearty laughter. Poor Matt probably rolls his eyes and thinks his Mom is a complete weirdo, as they do normally in that age anyway. Keep pointing out trains and airplanes. It will make for a good story when he grows up.
    Motherhood at its best.
    My Rose Valley

    1. Absolutely! :)
      Have a great weekend. x

  2. It's so much fun to plan crafty projects before a holiday - and choosing the holiday reading, too. Your ripple blanket is gorgeous and I like your cushion very much, it makes me think of a summer meadow with butterflies flying over the green. x

    1. Thank you! Holiday reading planned this week and downloaded to my Kindle. Last bit of shopping this morning. Have a great weekend. x