Monday, 4 March 2013


Maybe Spring has arrived?!

Sunshine at last.  I even put my washing out to dry - the first time this year I think.  Although it was a little cold at first.  You can see the ice on the washing line!

The house now smells of fresh washing as it is airing.  I love that smell.  :)

A pheasant visited the garden this morning.  I took these through the window so that I didn't scare him away.

 I think he's checking out the competition in the glass!!
 I made a hat this week too!
 Trying to be artistic with my photo - not quite there yet!!
 And some fingerless mitts.
And some work on the ripple.  I'm really quite pleased with how it's coming along - although I might not finish as quickly as other people!!

Better sign off now - to go and get rippling along.

Sara x


  1. That's looking beautiful Sara and I don't think your progress is slow at all, you've done heaps! Oh AND you've been making other crochet goodness as well - just lovely.
    That pheasant is cute too :)

  2. I love the colours that you are using, its already looking amazing. My son is 4 so I just have to keep telloing him it will be finished soon. Its great motivation.

    1. Matt is 15 - and still keeps asking!