Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Colour

I like to take photos throughout the year of my garden to remind me of the changing seasons and the colours that are there at different times.

I came to the conclusion today that there weren't many options, but when I looked closely there were little isolated spots of colour.

 The hellebores - above and below are doing well.
 Some primroses nestled among the fallen leaves at the bottom of the hedge.
 A more brightly coloured primula (hope I've got that the right way round) sitting with the hellebores.

 A self seeded euphorbia - not really a flower, but the new growth is bright and vibrant in the sunshine.
 Lichen glistening at the bottom of the apple tree.
 Heathers around the patio.

 Snowdrops - but I don't think there are as many coming through this year - maybe some have rotted away in the wet ground.
 Fluffy grasses blowing in the wind.
 Rosehips - maybe it was good that I didn't quite get round to cutting this rose back!

There are lots of bulbs coming through now, so hopefully if we get some more sun and warmth, the garden will be full of brighter colours in a few weeks.

Thanks for looking.

Sara x

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