Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to normal

I guess the holidays have to end at some point, otherwise we'd never appreciate them.  But it really did feel like the middle of the night when the alarm went off this morning, for me to wake Matt up and walk to school.  But we've both made it through the day.  Thankfully he doesn't have any homework, so is now sitting down relaxing in front of the TV.

Going back to work was tiring, but the first day is done!

I have made a card for a friends birthday - I am quite pleased with it.  The first one of the year (I think) as I have been trying to put my scrapbook together for the previous year.  I always try and organise the photos for the next scrapbook during the Christmas break.  Hopefully, I will now be enthusiastic enough to finish off 2011, before embarking on 2012!  I think I put off the 2011 one as it was such a tough year with Nan dying and my sisters cancer diagnosis, but I am now tackling it, and like most things in life, once you actually get on with it, its not half as scary as you think!  Thats all very deep for a blog isn't it?

On a lighter note - here is my card.

I'd like to enter it on the   Crafty Creations Challenge - Something New.  I used a new Hero Arts stamp and a new pad of paper.

Thanks for looking.

Sara x

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