Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year

I know, I'm a little late wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but I was thinking it!

I wasn't sorry to see the end of 2014, although there have been many good bits, and I try and remember happy things here, it has been a tough one on the personal front.  2015 will be bringing changes.  I'm not quite sure what yet and they aren't all in my control.  However, I will remain positive and am looking forward to 2015 and all it can chuck at me!  I keep reminding myself to only worry about what I can change - it helps greatly.

I won't be doing a round up of 2014 as I want to focus on moving on - I'm sure you understand and there are many more colourful roundups out there!  I'm in awe of the amount of things some people can make.  Is there still time for wine and chocolate?

I'm not a great one for new years resolutions.  I tend to fail, and as I hate failing, I find them stressful which really isn't the idea, is it?  That really isn't improving life!  But I saw this 2015 To Do list, which I have printed out and is now on my fridge as a gentle reminder every day.  (I'm sorry I can't see where I found it - someone's blog, Facebook?  Sorry, please let me know if it is your's and I'll add your name.)

2015 To Do List

eat less,
move more,

buy less,
make more,

stress less, 
laugh more,

feel blessed,
love more,

find a quiet spot every day
and breathe.

I think these words suit me very well.

It was back to school, work and normal routine yesterday.  I had intended to post yesterday, but I was shattered in the evening, even if it was only a "gentle" Pilates class after work!  I just sat in front of the TV until bedtime which is most unlike me!

Smudge missed Matt yesterday - she has spent most of the Christmas break on his lap - giving him the perfect excuse to not move.  

I was determined to get back to walking to school.  I had a trial run walk the week before, and managed to get my wellies on.  Success, I can't tell you how exciting it was!  As you can see, walking boots aren't an option, wellies are essential.  It felt good to get some fresh air first thing in the morning, the first time this school year.  I enjoyed it so much that I made Matt walk again this morning - although it was raining.  

Seagulls, seagulls - we live almost 15 miles in land!! Still it reminds me of where I lived as a child as they call and fly off as we walk over the fields.  

And I also finished my new crochet scarf at the weekend.  I'm still not sure about it - I turned it in to a cowl.  I think it's the colour rather than the yarn, and there's not much I can do about that!

I think that's about it from me at the moment.

Welcome to my new followers, and I look forward to sharing 2015 with you.  Lets hope for a happy, healthy one with plenty of sunshine, blue skies and crochet!  :)


Edited to add - The words may have come from here, I really can't remember!!
 Thank you Hawthorn.  :)


  1. Enforced changes are alway the most difficult aren't they, but you know something, you'll just get on with things....we do, I'm not sure how, but we do! Wishing you good things in 2015 Sara, and I hope they outshine the challenges.....the mantra you've adopted sound perfect :) xxx

  2. The 'To Do' list is brilliant, so simple but with such meaning. I'm going to make a copy and put it somewhere visible, just to give me that nudge when I need it! Suzy xo

  3. I love the To Do List a great reminder. Hope all goes well for you for 2015 and that you manage the enforced changes. Love the cowl, the colour is perfect to match anything.

  4. I love your To Do list. I feel I should print a copy and post it on the bathroom door so I read it every morning. Your scarf is lovely! My daughter and I like to crochet (although we only know one stitch style) but make cowls all the time. Happy New Year to you! Your seagulls reminded me of a funny story. When my son was small he saw a bunch of them in the parking lot of the grocery store, he told me they weren't real seagulls because we don't live near the sea. He argued with me all the way home about it. Now we tease him every time we see them. Since we live near Lake Michigan we call them "lakegulls"...haha. Happy New Year! Hope you have a fabulous 2015!

  5. Happy New Year Sara, I love the to do list, very thought provoking, It's raining in sussex today and I am missing the Christmas light glow,. Your cat is like a grown up version of mittens the kitten, xxx

  6. I think that your words to live by in 2015 are wonderful and much more positive than I must stop this type resolutions! Smudge is obviously a huge Matt fan, they are obviously a great pair together!! It was welly weather here not so long ago, but the sun is out now and I can see blue sky - and black clouds! - but the sun is out, so I hope that will be coming your way soon if it isn't there already! xx

    1. Just came back because I realised I didn't say that I really like the cowl/scarf you made! xx

  7. Happy New Year, Sara! I hope that 2015 is a great year for you. I like that list of "resolutions," I will try to accomplish them all too.

  8. Blue skies, sunshine and crochet sounds perfect Sarah.
    Happy New Year to you.
    Jacquie x

  9. Good list, gentle but to the point. Well found :) When I was growing up in Africa and frustrated about something or other, I was asked 'how does a mouse eat an elephant?' to which the answer was 'in small bite size pieces' It is a good mantra to deal with life general - here's to an new and improved 2015 (get your pedometer out missus - we are going to do a lot a walking this year!!)

  10. I love that list, I think I shall write it down too. I know what you mean about amazing round ups of things people have made. I think I finished a scarf or two, but that's about it. Your cat is such a sweetie, she will miss her sofa buddy. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  11. Take care lovely and Happy New Year. Xx

  12. What a brilliant to do list! Happy New Year!!

  13. I think your list says it all! And it's not one of those lists that leave you overwhelmed - it's more like a series of gentle reminders. I love your scarf, both the pattern and color.
    Wishing you a new year of peace and joy.