Thursday, 20 February 2014


Today - we woke up to this....

I have to say I wasn't keen to start the day - and managed to convince Mark to make me a cup of tea, so I could watch the breakfast news in bed.  I know it's not much - but it's such a luxury for me.  I am always the one who gets up first and "gets the show on the road".  Today, I didn't!

Not feeling a great urgency to go to the office (we work from home), I did a little indoor gardening.

Matt is still working hard - and has managed to spread his revision through quite substantial parts of downstairs!  Thank goodness it all goes back to school on Monday.

Matt then asked me to listen to his Physics revision - his bedroom window became the white board!

The view from my office this afternoon - the weather has cheered up considerably!  And I'm watching the sun set as I write this.

Early evening, I will be sewing in more ends.  I have finished the blanket, and now just have the ends to do (I'm really wishing I'd done this as I'd gone along, but I never learn.  I'm always in too much of a rush to do the next colour).  The I've got to decide on the edging - maybe as the pattern says, but maybe something different.  I'll have a little play at the weekend before committing myself.

Then we are off for a pizza with friends - and hopefully a glass of wine too.  :)



  1. That is a stunningly brilliant blanket. Edges always make blankets look even better too so don't put it away! Jo x

  2. Oh hang in there with those dreaded ends - I'm anxious to see the border you choose for this amazing blanket! Chrissie x

  3. Your blanket is just lovely, the worst job ever sewing in the ends! Goodness been there with GCSE revision & the kids, due for it again in a couple of years. Take care.

  4. Stunning blanket, totally agree the worst job ever sewing in the ends. Been there with GCSE revision 3 times but all worth it in the end. All 3 of my daughters went to university, have degrees and wonderful careers. Its worth all the sleepless nights.

  5. I am so loving the blanket. The colors are fabulous. Can't wait to see what you decide to do on the border. That is always my favorite part. Have a great day.

  6. Your blanket is beautiful Sara!!! It is massive too, you have done so well with this, you are so fast at crochet. Looking forward to seeing what edging you decide on! I hope that Matt's revision goes well - as well as your assisting him of course!! - the idea of the window for the white board is actually very inventive I think - as long as you use the right sort of pen of course!! Glad that you got a cuppa in bed!! xx

  7. What a beautiful blanket Sara. The colours are so vivid and it is so neat it looks like it was done on a machine. (that really is a compliment!) Look forward to seeing what you do with the edging.

  8. Gorgeous blanket! We have similar 'study-time' mess all over the house, I am as guilty as the boys - and fed up with study - roll on July (no may be not - I am not ready yet!)

  9. Goodness! That was a very quick blanket and beautiful too :O)x