Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Holidays

In view of the ridiculous amount of photos taken - I blame the fact that I have a new camera and we all wanted to take photos this year - I will share some photos over the next few days. Well, that's the plan but who knows how it will turn out!  
It's been back to work today, so I'm writing this on my phone, whilst sitting in bed and hoping it all links ok. 
Packing for holiday was fun. Now Matt is older I only have to worry about packing for me - which meant, how much yarn can I fit in?!

Hand luggage and then my case....

I wanted to start a new blanket. I'm about a third of the way through now. But back at home I will go back to the ripple. It's not a portable project now though. 
We spent quite a lot of the holiday doing very little. Time for us all to recharge our batteries. 
I ate some fantastic gambas a la plancha

Gambas pil pil 
Some calamari

I'm sure there were some other things which weren't seafood. But it's such a treat to eat it - I find it hard to resist. 

A lovely refreshing glass of water on another hot day. 
When not doing very much, we were able to appreciate the house martins playing in the sky. I love how the sun light shows on this ones wing 

And time to appreciate stunning sunsets 

Tomorrow I'll show you round Gibraltar. 
Sara x

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  1. Your holiday sounds wonderful, a real opportunity to recharge. I was shocked by the amount of yarn you took but then remembered that I'll be taking a similar amount myself to France in a few weeks so I'm not really one to comment!

    The food looks divine (I love seafood too) and those sunsets are stunning. x